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Why do we need to take the measurement?

The measurement will allow our specialists to optimally place all elements of the kitchen set with the lowest possible gaps. Our specialists are equipped with the most modern measuring instrument – laser roulettes and digital goniometers.

What will you get from the mearurement?

As a result of the measurement, we will get a sketch of a room with the necessary dimensions for furniture design. We will see the connection points of household appliances (electricity, gas, water, ventilation), all kinds of protrusions, window sills, platbands, etc. Experienced designers draw furniture taking into account all the features of the room, which avoids problems during installation and design.

How much time it takes to measure ?

Usually the measurement does not take more than 20-30 minutes. In order for the specialist’s work to go faster and the measurements to be accurate, it is necessary:

– prepare the room for measurement (remove furniture, building materials, boxes, etc.) ;

– provide the measurer with access to any place in the room.

Is it a must to take the measurements ?

Using the exact data obtained when measuring the room, the designer manager: will select a model of the kitchen set;

offer suitable components, appliances, dining group, accessories.

How to order a free design project for the kitchen ?

Call us or leave your contact details on the website to discuss the details of this order with our professional managers. After a specialist measures the space on site, our designer creates an individual project.

Why do you need an design project?

The design project will allow you to clearly assess the advantages of the selected kitchen set, its style and functional features. Also, in the process of developing a kitchen project, you will be able to ask the manager-designer questions you are interested in on the choice of materials, components, stylistic direction of the future interior.

Is it possible to change the interior design project ?

You can discuss all your concerns with our designer. Only after the consensus is found, the contract is signed and the project is sent to production.

How much is the delivery ?

Furniture delivery is FREE OF CHARGE for our company’s customers living within the city of Chisinau. For other regions, the cost of delivery should be clarified with the manager of SEVINI.

What does a delivery include ?

– loading in compliance with transportation rules and ensuring

-maximum safety of the pieces during the trip;

– unloading and lifting to the desired floor;

– storage in the room where installation will be carried out.

What guarantee does the delivery offer ?

By providing the service, we guarantee:

– the integrity of all delivered elements of the kitchen;

– absence of damage and defects;

– accuracy of loading and unloading, lifting and ensuring storage conditions.

When to espect the delivery?

Our specialist will call the customer to clarify the date and time. We value the time of our customers, so we always follow the agreed deadlines and perform all the work as quickly and accurately as possible.

What are the advantages of SEVINI's delivery service?

The service is part of a complex of works on creating a custom-made kitchen. Thanks to her, the customer:

– saves time without spending it on finding a transport company;

– saves money without paying for the services of movers and drivers from outside;

– saves nerves by being confident in the professionalism of people who have been working in the field of furniture design, production and assembly for more than a decade.

What are the delivery times?

– Before delivery, we definitely contact the Client and specify the date and time of delivery;

– The default delivery date is the next day after the date of readiness of the order under the contract;

– Delivery is made on the date agreed with the Client, after full payment of the contract.

Is it possible to postpone the delivery time?

If you need to postpone the delivery time or resume the provision of services under the contract, you can call the manager with whom you signed the contract and agree on a new delivery time.

What is the process of assambling the kitchen?

SEVINI employs high-quality installers who easily assemble kitchens of any complexity! Our installers don’t just assemble furniture. They always focus on the individual characteristics of the room and the location of communications. Thanks to this, after installation, your kitchen is guaranteed to look impeccable!

How fast are we expected to assamble ?

Our experienced specialists carry out prompt and high-quality assembly of the kitchen as well as installation of built-in appliances. Our distinctive feature is constant punctuality and professionalism!

Who is expected to asambly the furniture?

Assembly and installation of kitchen furniture is an important and responsible process that requires special professional skills and knowledge. All work on the assembly of kitchen furniture and installation of household appliances is carried out by qualified specialists of our company. We care about our customers, so we perform all work carefully, quickly and on time.

Who is making the gas connections ?

Gas connection is carried out by specialists of the Gas Service of your city.

What does an assembly include ?

-Assembly (if it was not carried out in advance) of all elements of the headset into a single whole in exact accordance with the layout agreed with the customer;

-Checking the operability of all elements of the kitchen, from boxes to hidden storage systems, faucets, household appliances;

-Wiping furniture from dust;

-Demonstration of the operability of all elements of the headset to the customer;

– registration of documents of delivery and acceptance of works and warranty obligations;

– removal of garbage into the garbage container.

What are the conditions for assembling ?

The work is carried out at a time agreed in advance with the customer, in a prepared room. To make the installation correct and take less time, there are several requirements for the preparation of the room:

-The room should be freed from old furniture, plumbing and construction debris

– All construction work must be completed

– For proper installation of the kitchen set, the walls must be smooth and sheer.

How much time it takes to assamble ?

In the simplest cases (when the headset does not exceed 4 linear meters), the work takes no more than several hours. More complex options are installed full-time, and exclusive ones may take two days.

The time that is necessary to technically competently and accurately install the headset, place accessories and check the performance of all elements ordered by the client is made in advance. Of course, for complex exclusive kitchens, the installation time can only be determined approximately.

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