Delivery of furniture

Quickly. High-quality. Safe.

Experienced drivers and modern trucks.

Our drivers have extensive experience in driving and will therefore deliver your order with maximum punctuality, taking the shortest route possible, and handle the pick-up to higher floors with care.

Unloading and lifting furniture to an upper floor

Delivery of heavy and large furniture is associated with many difficulties. In addition to loading the items into a vehicle, transporting and unloading the furniture, it is necessary to bring the furniture into the house and, in the case of living in a building, to lift it to an upper floor. This problem will be quickly and qualitatively solved by the experienced specialists of “SEVINI” company.

Delivery, unloading, and assembly of custom furniture in the city of Chișinău are included in the price.

The delivery and placement of custom-made furniture into the apartment are also free of charge.

The departure of the driver and mover outside the city of Chișinău will incur an additional fee, subject to agreement with the manager.

Safe loading and unloading

The company has specially adapted trucks for the loading, unloading, and safe transportation of furniture.

All the work is carried out by the specialists of “SEVINI” company – we take responsibility for the furniture ordered by you throughout the entire journey, strictly adhering to the rules for furniture transportation.



Safe transportation

After accepting and approving the custom kitchen project, as well as signing a contract, our company fulfills the order and delivers the furniture.

Delivery within the city of Chișinău is free, and we also provide the service of delivering the goods to higher floors. The date and time of delivery will be scheduled at a convenient hour for you.