Free installation

Complete installation

High-quality installation works

We assemble the kitchen furniture in a clean, pre-prepared room at a convenient time for the client. Our specialists check the integrity of the packaged elements, unpack the components, inspect them for any external defects, and then proceed directly to the installation.

The installation works can take from a few hours to three days, depending on the characteristics and dimensions of the ordered furniture set. The installation is carried out in accordance with building codes and safety regulations.

Experienced craftsmen are equipped with professional equipment and high-tech tools to quickly assemble the kitchen.

Assembly of wall panel carcasses

Placement of modules according to the approved project

Assembly of the cabinet carcass

Mounting of fronts, countertops, lamps, plinths, and trims

Drilling holes with a hole saw for pipes, outlets, sinks, and built-in appliances

Installation of accessories (handles, wall rails, bar tops, shelf brackets) and lighting fixtures

Demonstration of the stability of the structures, functionality, smooth opening and closing of drawers, and storage systems to the owner, along with the signing of the acceptance certificate

We are familiar with every aspect of our kitchens, down to every screw. We know how to install cabinets and cupboards better and more accurately, adjusting the door pressure to ensure smooth and silent opening.

All kitchens produced by our company will serve you for many years. The skilled craftsmanship of our specialists, combined with high-quality European materials and accessories, creates reliable, elegant, and durable furniture that is resistant to any damage.

Free installation of the customized kitchen

Responsible approach

Along with the project development, measurement, and delivery, the installation of the kitchen is also carried out free of charge by our company!

The work is carried out at the prearranged time in a room that is already prepared.

We strive to ensure maximum accuracy in assembly and prevent any defects. If a kitchen element is accidentally damaged during the installation, our specialists will replace it free of charge.

Our professional installers have access to modern equipment and tools that guarantee precise and efficient installation. Each specialist undergoes mandatory training and apprenticeship before being allowed to work independently.