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Mechanisms for kitchen

Varieties, Advantages, and Installation Steps

Correctly selected and well-installed mechanisms for kitchen furniture will help make your time in the kitchen more comfortable. They perform many functions – closing doors, opening drawers, retracting countertops. Cooking is a meticulous process, and sometimes it is impossible to take everything into account. Only properly selected and installed mechanisms will make life much easier. But the variety of products on the market is vast and confusing. It’s difficult to understand which fittings will fit your furniture set. And even if you have already purchased the mechanisms, you need to know how and where to install them, which ones fit a particular piece of furniture and which do not. All these questions are headaches and unnecessary costs. So let’s go through the main types of mechanisms for the kitchen.

Extendable models for cabinets and cupboards

Hettich offers a wide range of drawers for different types of furniture. There is a solution for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. A unique range for a wide variety of uses. Reliability, smooth texture, stability, comfort, and attractive appearance. Simple or double side walls in a wide variety of designs. A wide range of accessories for each target audience.


Very simple mechanisms for kitchen cabinets. This set allows you to close the cabinet doors smoothly and without the risk of damage. They are widely used in all furniture systems. They consist of a gas or water capsule in which a spring mechanism is placed. The spring mechanism is connected to a stopper that slows down the door impact. It works on a hydraulic principle. They are fixed inside the kitchen facades. They hold the doors securely in the correct position. The advantage is its compactness and simple mechanism. They also allow for the use of frameless glass doors without worrying about accidental cracking due to strong impact – the damper will cushion the pressure on the glass.


Hettich hinges define the quality of furniture. Innovative and reliable fittings with an impressive lifespan. Convenient installation and adjustment, high quality. The Sensys and Intermat quick-fix hinges are easy to install and adjust. The Sensys hinge with integrated Silent System damping has completely redefined hinges and has won several international awards. The Sensys and Intermat hinges are the solution for any installation.

Lifting systems

They help to open vertically oriented doors on kitchen cabinets and also keep them safely in the open position. The operating principle is based on a piston mechanism. They are very similar to door-closing devices, except their effort is directed outward instead of internal pressure. These kitchen sets also have an oil capsule, but in some models, it is supplemented with a spring to provide more force. It is fixed on the upper fronts of the kitchen furniture. To install such closing devices, special self-tapping screws and a screwdriver are required. If heavy closing devices are installed, the main structure needs to be fixed to a fixed part of the furniture, and the other end directly to the door. Then, the closing device should be installed in its designated slot. Smooth closing and other parameters can be adjusted using special valves.

Rotary systems

These are installed in the corner space of the kitchen. Most often, these are mechanisms that rotate 90-180 degrees. They rely on a special column on which the structure is held using rotary systems. The systems can be used for a mini bar or a dish dryer. They are used to save space and when access to the blind corner is difficult in a corner cabinet.

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