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Layout For Your Kitchen

Beautiful aesthetics, proper lighting, and thoughtful planning are all important when creating a practical and ergonomic kitchen, but it is equally important to choose the fittings that can make any homemaker’s life easier. The choice of kitchen accessories depends entirely on your capabilities and preferences, although the experience of those who have ordered kitchens at different prices suggests that it is not worth skimping too much in this case. So, kitchen accessories include:

• Handles

• Bottle racks

• Dish dryers

• Cutlery trays

• Soft-close/friction hinges

• Drawer slides for cabinet systems

Furniture handles: This kitchen accessory is often considered last, but it is one of the most important because without it, the furniture will lose its functionality. Handles are chosen based on quality, material, convenience, and aesthetic considerations. Nowadays, manufacturers offer a wide selection of handles in various shapes, taking into account all ergonomic and stylistic indicators.

Bottle racks: Their main purpose is to store bottles and tall narrow utensils.

Dish dryers: Convenient, simple, and reliable kitchen fittings that are also quite affordable will save any homemaker from the process of wiping glasses, plates, and cups.

Cutlery trays: Designed to store forks, spoons, knives, now all the utensils will be in perfect order and within reach whenever needed.

Soft-close/friction hinges: These are necessary closing devices to gently close the kitchen cabinet doors. This mechanism slows down and silences the door before closing, preventing it from slamming.

Drawer slides for cabinet systems: These are used not only in kitchens but also in wardrobes, nightstands, and dressers, and are divided into the following types:

• Roller slides: They are used for budget and mid-range furniture and are the cheapest type of guides.

• Ball-bearing slides: Steel ball bearings are used to pull the drawer, ensuring long lifespan and high reliability of the structure itself. The drawers slide out completely, which is very convenient during use.

• Metabox: This system is designed for both standard drawers and drawers with tall fronts. The system is made of metal and relies on the use of roller guides, with which the drawer is pulled out 2/3. In this case, the supporting part of the metabox is the side of the drawer.

• Tandembox: Thanks to this mechanism, the drawers operate smoothly and ensure full extension function.

Based on the extension method:

• Partial extension: The drawer extends to the distance determined by its design features.

• Full extension: The drawer can be fully extended along the length of the guides. When choosing furniture accessories, it is best to consult a professional, but in any case, you should choose high-quality products that will last long and make kitchen work easy and enjoyable.